Nathl. Channon carman

lwlpr29883_mLetterpress trade card framed within a decorative oval border.

  • AuthorChannon, Nathaniel.
  • TitleNathl. Channon carman : (son in law and successor to Mr. Millett, deceas’d) No. 8, Union-Mews, Union-Street, the top of Wells-Street, work done by waggons or carts in town … N.B. Coals and rubbish carted.
  • Published[London : Craft, Painter (sic) Wells-St., Oxford-St., ca. 1800?]

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A West India sportsman

lwlpr31757 (800x543)

A satire on the decadence of Englishmen in West Indies, published shortly after the successful passage of Wilberforce’s bill to abolish slavery.

  • PrintmakerF., J., printmaker.
  • TitleA West India sportsman : [graphic] / : Make haste with the Sangaree, Quashie, and tell Quaco to drive the birds up to me . I’m ready / J.F. [monogram].
  • Published[London : Published Novr. 1, 1807 by William Holland, No. 11 Cockspur Street, London, 1 November 1807]

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Cheap paints manufactured by James Crease and Son


  • AuthorJames Crease and Son.
  • TitleCheap paints manufactured by James Crease and Son, No. 53, West Smithfield, London : for common out-door paint … Aromatic paints
  • Published[London : James Crease and Son, ca. 1815?]

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Intended duty on Cape Madeira


A handbill issued by James Elder recommending that his customers purchase wine before a new duty goes into effect.

  • AuthorElder, James (Merchant)
  • TitleIntended duty on Cape Madeira : James Elder with thanks to his friends for the encouragement given to the system adopted by him of selling a good article at a moderate price …
  • PublishedAlnwick : James Elder, 11 March 1817 (Alnwick : J. Graham, printer, March 11, 1817.

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Samuel Child, boot & shoe-maker


Letterpress trade card framed within a decorative oval border

  • AuthorChild, Samuel (Shoemaker)
  • TitleSamuel Child, boot & shoe-maker, No. 9, Fenchurch-Street : bespoke work in the newest taste … boots and shoes for exportation.
  • Published[London : [Samuel Child, ca. 1800?]

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John Bristow, engine-maker,

lwlpr32005 (833x1024)

Letterpress broadside with a hand-colored etched and engraved header illustrating the use of a fire-engine at the site of the Cornhill fire, which occurred on 25 March 1748.

  • TitleJohn Bristow, engine-maker, to all His Majesty’s forts, garrisons, dock-yards and other public offices belonging to His Majesty’s Royal Navy …
  • Published[London : Publisher not identified, not before 1748]

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Plan of a regular coffee plantation


The engravings are believed to have based on drawings by the author J.G. Stedman, two of the early plates acknowledging the attribution. Stedman was a friend of William Blake who may have assisted Stedman, an amateur artist.

  • PrintmakerConder, Thomas, 1746 or 1747-1831, printmaker.
  • TitlePlan of a regular coffee plantation [graphic] / T. Conder sculpsit.
  • PublishedLondon : Published Decr. 1st, 1791 by J. Johnson. St. Paul’s Church Yard, [1 December 1791]

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