To the worthy freemen of the Borough of King’s-Lynn

lwlpr31229An electioneering handbill issued before the King’s Lynn election of 1767.

  • AuthorTurner, John, 1712-1780.
  • TitleTo the worthy freemen of the Borough of King’s-Lynn … : The very king and favourable reception I have met with amongst my townsmen in my canvas, encourages me to offer my service (in this publick mannet) … / John Turner.
  • Published[Norfolk? : John Turner, 25 April 1767]

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Letters : to Samuel Percival of Pendarves, Bristol


A group of 39 autographed letters, signed from James Dunn, solicitor at Tolgus to Samuel Percival of Pendarves in Bristol, keeping him updated concerning the running of the Pendarves estate in Cornwall. The estate was passed on to Percival’s wife, Grace, upon the death of her brother Sir William Pendarves (died 1726). Percival’s address is often “at the Copper Warehouse in Small Street” Bristol suggesting that he may have worked in the copper company founded by John Percival in 1742. The letters contain many references to copper and tin mining at the Pendarves mines and elsewhere as well as local news and gossip, reports on the house and gardens at the Pendarves estate. Dunn also appears to have acted s Percival’s solicitor, agent and accountant, managing tenancies and looking after the library and wine cellar. There are also references to the politician and book collector Robert Hoblyn as Dunn appears to have been employed by him as well. Dunn also makes many references to the fossilary at Pendarves, created by Grace Percival.

  • AuthorDunn, James, solicitor, at Tolgus.
  • TitleLetters : to Samuel Percival of Pendarves, Bristol, 1754 October 26-1757 September 9.

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Papers relating to the Tanfield Moor Colliery, Durham


Account sheets, letters, draft bonds, and other financial and business notes relating to the Tanfield Moor Colliery for the period 1797-1798

  • AuthorTanfield Moor Colliery.
  • TitlePapers relating to the Tanfield Moor Colliery, Durham, 1797-1798.

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A collection of epitaphs, epigrams, stories…



  • AuthorCaesar, Thomas.
  • TitleA collection of epitaphs, epigrams, stories, &c, &c. together with the editors advice to young tradesmen / compiled by Thomas Caesar, Sen., a thorough-bred Hampshire Briton but late from Egham in Surry.
  • PublishedEgham : Printed for the editor by C. Boult, 1795.

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Nathl. Channon carman

lwlpr29883_mLetterpress trade card framed within a decorative oval border.

  • AuthorChannon, Nathaniel.
  • TitleNathl. Channon carman : (son in law and successor to Mr. Millett, deceas’d) No. 8, Union-Mews, Union-Street, the top of Wells-Street, work done by waggons or carts in town … N.B. Coals and rubbish carted.
  • Published[London : Craft, Painter (sic) Wells-St., Oxford-St., ca. 1800?]

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A West India sportsman

lwlpr31757 (800x543)

A satire on the decadence of Englishmen in West Indies, published shortly after the successful passage of Wilberforce’s bill to abolish slavery.

  • PrintmakerF., J., printmaker.
  • TitleA West India sportsman : [graphic] / : Make haste with the Sangaree, Quashie, and tell Quaco to drive the birds up to me . I’m ready / J.F. [monogram].
  • Published[London : Published Novr. 1, 1807 by William Holland, No. 11 Cockspur Street, London, 1 November 1807]

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Cheap paints manufactured by James Crease and Son


  • AuthorJames Crease and Son.
  • TitleCheap paints manufactured by James Crease and Son, No. 53, West Smithfield, London : for common out-door paint … Aromatic paints
  • Published[London : James Crease and Son, ca. 1815?]

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