Many a good razor has been cast aside as useless…

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At foot of the first page: “Sold by the proprietor, G. Packwood, 16, Gracechurch-street London.”
On the verso: “Vended in London by the following perfumers” and “Vended in the country by the following perfumers.”

  • AuthorPackwood, George.
  • TitleMany a good razor has been cast aside as useless and good for nothing, till pro bono publico, a fact; or, proof positive. Step’d forward, to give ease to the cheek, comfort to the upper lip, a pleasant familiarity to the chin and an uncommon agreeable surprize to the bearded physiognomy which takes place by a razor being strop’d or sharpen’d on Packwood’s new invented razor strop: …
  • Published[London : G. Packwood , 1795?]

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File 66 795 P119

Acquired July 2015

A tit bit for a Cossack

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A satire on Napoleon in Russia. The daughter of Count Platoff stands full face, erect, dashing, and alluring, on a snowy mound. Her right hand supports a spear from which floats a banner inscribed: ‘I General Count Platoff. promise to give my Daughter in Marriage and 2000 Rubles – to any Cossack, Russian, Prusian, German, Sweede, Turk, John Bull, Sauny Bull Paddy Bull or any other Bull, who shall bring Me the Head of Little Bony dead or a live.’ She wears fur-trimmed cap with a long hussar-bag, long high-waisted fur-bordered pelisse, with a cape, fur-trimmed boots, and large ear-rings. The words ‘Hih “ho” for a Husband’ issue from closed and smiling lips. With her left hand she points behind her to the right and to the little figure of Napoleon on skates, wearing a large plumed bicorne, and brandishing his sabre; he deserts his snow-bound army, saying, “O” ho” bygare I had best be Off.” He strides past the heads of soldiers emerging from snow, together with bayonets, and a French flag; behind him the French army marches in close ranks, with one eagle and one flag. On the left is another column of tiny soldiers indicated by heads, bayonets, an eagle, and flags. In the clouds, airborne as in No. 11992 (British Museum catalogue), are two bands of galloping Cossacks, one (right) seems about to swoop down on Napoleon. Heavy clouds frame slanting rays which make a background for Platoff’s daughter. At her feet are two money–bags both inscribed ‘1,000 Rubles’, which disgorge coins. Behind them a kneeling Cupid aims his bow towards the ‘cloud of Cossacks’ on the left.”–British Museum catalogue.

  • PrintmakerElmes, William, active 1797-1814, printmaker.
  • TitleA tit bit for a Cossack, or, The Platoff prize, for the head of Buonaparte [graphic] / Wm. Es.
  • PublicationLondon : Pubd. by Thos Tegg, 111 Cheapside, Jany. 4th 1813.

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To the natives of the parish of St Giles’s..

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An invitation to the ancient ceremony of beating the bounds, with a large view of St. Giles’s from the south (figures include a strolling couple, a playing boy, and a cripple with his dog) and a vignette of the church. The form has blanks left for the signatures of the stewards as well as the date (day, month, and the two numbers for the decade) and place of dining to be written in by hand.

  • AuthorSaint Giles without Cripplegate Parish Church (London, England)
  • TitleTo the natives of the parish of St Giles’s Cripplegate, London … [graphic] / J. Sturt sc.
  • Publication[London : The Church stewards, ca. 1756]

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File 646 17– D952+

Acquired July 2015


Queen Caroline of England

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Acquired with File 66 821 T627. An appeal for gifts of money in exchange for a pewter token.

  • TitleQueen Caroline of England, died Augt. 1, 1821, aet. 53 Augt. 1. 1821 [realia].
  • Production[London? : Publisher not identified, 1821]

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66 821 T627 Object Rm

Acquired July 2015

Letter : Bath, [to] Nathaniel Chauncy

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lwlpr32609b (846x1024)

Autographed signed letter from William Melmoth to Nathaniel Chauncy “concerning … Coxe’s picture in my old friend’s your brother’s collection.”

  • AuthorMelmoth, William, 1710?-1799.
  • TitleLetter : Bath, [to] Nathaniel Chauncy, 1779 May 9.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss File 129

Acquired June 2015


The King’s dwarf plays Gulliver a trick

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A satire on Napoleon. A corpulent King George sits at his dining table before a large dinner plate with utensils decorated with his crest in gold. From a hollow upright bone pops an image of the slight Napoleon in full uniform with his arms posed to box. Above King George’s head are etched the lines: “There you little insignificant pigmy, I’ve bone’d you.”

  • PrintmakerWilliams, C. (Charles), active 1797-1830, printmaker.
  • TitleThe King’s dwarf plays Gulliver a trick [graphic].
  • Published[London] : Pubd October 18th 1803 by S.W. Fores 50 Piccadilly [18 October 1803]

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Acquired June 2015


The bonny broom

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A slip song. In this edition the woodcut shows a pastoral scene with a couple standing on the left beneath a tree and two dogs on the right.

  • TitleThe bonny broom : a song, new set to music.
  • Publication[King’s Lynn, England : Printed and sold at Garratt’s Printing-Office in Lynn, Norfolk, ca. 1780]

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File 763 780 B716+

Acquired July 2015