Invoice : St. Luke, High Bridge, Newcastle, to Charles Wren

lwlpr32047 (1024x690)

On an engraved billhead illustrated with a medallion of St. Luke mixing paint on a palette, Joseph Bell’s itemized invoice to Charles Wren dated 20 July 1782. Motto at the head of the sheet: “Pictures carefully cleaned, lined & repaired, & funeral achievements accurately painted, and picture frames neatly executed in oil, or burnished in gold.”

  • AuthorBell, Joseph, active 1782.
  • TitleInvoice : St. Luke, High Bridge, Newcastle, to Charles Wren, 1782 July 20.

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LWL Mss File 131

Acquired July 2015


The Corsican bloodhound, beset by the bears of Russia

lwlpr32590 (1024x680)

A satire on Napoleon’s Russian campaign. A large hound with the head of Napoleon in his bicorne hat with a feather colored red, white and blue, flees in terror towards the right, pursued by a pack of charging bears (Russia). The handle of a kettle with the words “Moskow tin-kettle etched in its side is tied to the hound’s tail, its contents spilling out — Famine, Oppression, Frost, Mortality, Destruction, Death, Horror, Moskow annihilation. The collar around his next reads “From Moskow” and the chain drags along on the ground. In the distance a city in flames.

  • PrintmakerElmes, William, active 1797-1814, printmaker.
  • TitleThe Corsican bloodhound, beset by the bears of Russia [graphic].
  • PublicationLondon : Pudb. Marh. 7th 1813 by Thos. Tegg. 111 Cheapside, London, [7 March 1813]

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[Album of proofs of illustrations for publications….

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An album compiled by Thomas Coates, solicitor and sometime secretary to the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, containing 340 proofs of wood engravings mounted on 68 leaves, with section titles and descriptions: Illustrations of the Hindoos / drawn on the blocks by Wm. Westall, A.R.A. 1835 (ca. [32] p.); British Canada 1835 ([8] p.); British costume ([3] p.); Old English sports ([8] p.); a group of 10 pages (some blank) with Roman ruins and other historic sites in Spain and Portugal; Illustrations of the Modern Egyptians / drawn on the blocks by the Author, Edwd. Wm. Lane Esq. 1836 (24 p.). Many of the ilustrations are captioned in blank ink by the same hand; others prints with pencil notations.

  • CreatorCoates, Thomas, approximately 1802-1883, collector.
  • Title[Album of proofs of illustrations for publications of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge] [graphic].
  • Publication[London, 1834-1836]

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Quarto 724 834C

Acquired February 2016

To the worthy inhabitants of this ward….

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lwlpr32607b (1024x669)

An appeal for gifts of money in exchange for a pewter token. The dustmen who issued this appeal have gone to the effort of printing this document to protect their business interests from “the Savengers”.

  • TitleTo the worthy inhabitants of this ward : Ladies and gentlemen, we, the constant dustmen of this parish, in the employ of Messrs. Spencer and Wood, make humble application to you for a Christmas box …
  • Publication[London : Nichols and Sons, Printers, Earl’s Court, Cranbourn Street, 1821]

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File 66 821 T627

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By permission of the Right Worshipful the Mayor

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A playbill printed on silk

  • TitleBy permission of the Right Worshipful the Mayor. Mrs. Pinchott’s third appearance, of the Theatres Royal Covent Garden and Drury-Lane. Finch returns his most hearty and sincere thanks to the public at large, for all the encouragement he has met with, and informs them, his benefit is fixed for Wednesday evening next, Nov. 4th … The extraordinary alteration & improvement the hwole of the interior of The Pantheon has undergone … The performance will commence with a new ballet dance, called the Merry millers. Principle characters Mr. Auld, Mr. Miller… the whole to conclude with a grand Indian spectacle … written by Mr. Usher, called The savage chieftain, or, Sidney & his faithful dog …
  • PublicationNorwich : John Berry, printer, [ca. 1815]

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File 767 P69B P197 815++

Acquired July 2015

The little princess and Gulliver

lwlpr32587 (785x1024)

“Princess Charlotte (three-quarter length) stands at a table looking into a large (chinoiserie) punch-bowl (right) in which Bonaparte frantically swims towards her, among agitated waves, his large hat floating in the water. The Princess, very mature for her seven years, wears a cap with a jewelled fillet inscribed ‘Ich Di[en]’ in which are three feathers. Round her neck on a rope of pearls hangs an oval miniature of the Prince of Wales. She holds her left fist over the bowl, saying, “There you impertinent boasting swaggering Pigmy, – take that, – You attempt to take my Grandpap’s Crown indeed, and plunder all his Subjects, Fillet you know that the Spirit and Indignation of every Girl in the Kingdom is roused at your Insolence.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerWilliams, C. (Charles), active 1797-1830, printmaker.
  • TitleThe little princess and Gulliver [graphic].
  • Published[London : Pubd Octobr 21st 1803 by S.W.Fores 50 Piccadilly, 21 October 1803]

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A peep at the p*v****n

lwlacq000184 (716x1024)

A satire on the proceedings against Queen Caroline

  • TitleA peep at the p*v****n, or, Boiled mutton with caper sauce at the temple of joss : a satirical poem.
  • EditionSixth edition.
  • PublicationLondon : Printed by and for E. Wilson, 88, Royal Exchange, 1820.

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763 820

Acquired February 2016