The ordinary of Newgate’s account of the behaviour, confession and dying words, of Elizabeth Brownrigg

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  • AuthorMoore, Joseph, -1769.
  • TitleThe ordinary of Newgate’s account of the behaviour, confession and dying words, of Elizabeth Brownrigg : who was executed at Tyburn, on Monday, Sept. the 14th, 1767. In the mayoralty of the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Kite, Knt., Lord-Mayor of the City of London.
  • PublicationLondon : Printed for M. Lewis and Son, (No. I) in Pater-Noster Row, [1767]

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Majority one against the boroughmongers

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A satire on the electoral Reform Bill of 1831, which was passed soon after this print was issued. Grant shows the figure of blind Justice leaning out from a mass of billowing clouds and holding her scales labelled “Reform 1813”. The load on the left side labeled “People’, though containing fewer documents — Magna Carta, Economy & Retrenchment, Peace of Plenty, Extension of the Electi[c] Franchise, Cheap Government — is heavier than the other plate “Oligarchy” which is weighted down by: Bribes, Corruption, Six Acts, Corn Law, Church, Rotten Boroughs, Corporation Charters, Law & Iniquity, Taxes, Imposts, Holy Alliance, [F?]onal Debt. A group of four men in the left foreground include a judge; the one man says “Behold! a mere feather turns the ballance in our favour and saves us from revolution & disgrace.” Just beyond them in the middle distance the King stands firmly and says “The triumph of this great & vital cause will fix my crown more firm upon my head.” On the right a group of over six men including a clergyman who wipes his brow and cries “The draft is in their favor. Our cause is lost. Oh dictatorium, dictatorium, dic-“. Another gentleman behind him cries “They may vainly recken on a paltry unit, we have yet power to rent it peicemeal [sic].” In the distance a crowd cheers, and some hold signs for “Reform” and “Support the King & his ministers”, etc.

  • PrintmakerGrant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852.
  • TitleMajority one against the boroughmongers [graphic] / C.J. Grant.
  • Publication[London] : Pub. by John Fairburn, Broadway, Ludgate Hill, March 26th, 1831.

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The gentleman’s guide, in his tour through France

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  • AuthorPlaystowe, Philip.
  • TitleThe gentleman’s guide, in his tour through France / wrote by an officer in the Royal-Navy …
  • PublishedBristol : Printed by S. Farley in Castle-Green, and sold by T. Cadell, Mrs. Palmer, and A. Brown ; also by A. Millar, in the Strand, and G. Kearsley, on Ludgate-Hill, London ; Mr. Fletcher, in Oxford ; Messrs. Fletcher and Hodson, in Cambridge ; and Smith and Son, in Dublin, [1766]

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Answers for Grizel and Jean Frasers daughters to the deceast Alezander Fraser

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  • AuthorFraser, Grizel.
  • Title:Answers for Grizel and Jean Frasers daughters to the deceast Alezander Fraser of Phoppachy, to the petition of Simon Lord Lovat.
  • Publication:[Edinburgh] : publisher not identified, [3 February 1738]

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Enough to make an angel swear

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A fashionably dressed young woman, adorned with feathers, is attacked by flocks of birds on the lawn of an estate. Another young woman flees towards the door of the house in the distance.

  • PrintmakerSeymour, Robert, 1798-1836, printmaker.
  • TitleEnough to make an angel swear, or, Real birds plucking the sham [graphic] / Shortshanks fect.
  • PublicationLondon : Pubd. by Thos. McLean, 26 Haymarket, [ca. 1828]

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Rules of faro

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A print with the rules of the card game Faro engraved with decorative motifs across top edge. The print has been mounted on sticks of bone to form a fan.

  • TitleRules of faro [graphic] = Regles du pharaon.
  • Publication[London] : Published according to act by J. Cock and J.P. Crowder, Wood Street, London, April 20th, 1792.

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The Queen’s budget opened

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A satire on the proceedings against Queen Caroline.

  • TitleThe Queen’s budget opened, or Correspondence extraordinary, the defence of Her Majesty. A companion to the “Royal letter-bag”.
  • EditionSecond edition.
  • ProductionPrinted by J. Swan, 76, Fleet Street.
  • PublicationLondon : Sold by T. Dolby, 299, Strand; J. Fairburn, Broadway, Blackfriars and all booksellers, 1820.

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