Theatre Royal, Birmingham.

Playbill advertising a performance at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham which principally takes the form of an apology announcing that the lead of the evening’s entertainment, Italian opera singer Angelica Catalani (1780-1849), is unable to attend due to ill health. The soprano’s appearance had been much publicised by the local press, hence the need to justify her absence by publishing a communication by the attending doctor.

  • TitleTheatre Royal, Birmingham. Mr. Bartley most respectfully begs leave to inform the public, that he received on Wednesday morning an intimation from Mr. Elliston, that Madame Catalani laboured under an indisposition of so serious a nature, that it precluded her from performing here on Friday evening … This present Friday, October 29, 1813, will be presented the favourite comedy of A bold stroke for a wife … to conclude with the favourite farce of The adopted child …
  • PublicationBirmingham [England] : [J]onathan Knott, [1813]

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File 767 P69B 619 1813

Acquired November 2017

George, &c. Whereas it is humbly meant…

Indicting Morton, Anderson and Craig for proposing the toast: “George the Third and last, and damnation to all crowned heads.”

  • AuthorScotland. Lord Advocate (Dundas : 1789-1801)
  • TitleGeorge, &c. Whereas it is humbly meant and complained to us by our right trusty Robert Dundas : Esq ; of Arniston, our advocate, for our interest, upon John Morton apprentice to Stewart, Ruthven, and Company, printers in Edinburgh, James Anderson journeyman printer with Mundell and Son printers in Edinburgh, and Malcolm Craig, also journeyman printer with the said Mundell and Son …
  • Published[Edinburgh], [1793]

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File 523 M88 793

Acquired June 2017

Public characters of 1800-1801

The folded plate containing 24 portraits (busts) of the subjects of the biographies in this volume

  • TitlePublic characters of 1800-1801 : to be continued annually.
  • PublicationLondon : Printed for Richard Phillips, No. 6, New Bridge-Street, Blackfriars, by J. Adlard, Duke-Street; and sold by all booksellers, 1807.

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51 P976

Acquired July 2017

Elegy on the Death of Lady Coventry

  • CreatorCallcott, John Wall, 1766-1821.
  • TitleElegy on the Death of Lady Coventry. Stanza First. [Song, words] By Mason.
  • Published[London] : Printed for the Author, 1797.

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Quarto 74 797 C15

Acquired April 2017

To the public: Whereas many persons, labouring….

A broadside printing of an 18th century scam, exploiting the helplessness of English debtors before the law. And especially the perennial animus towards the legal profession–“the chicanery of petty-fogging (would-be) attornies, the shameful plunder and extortion of bailiffs and sheriff-brokers”–these and more epithets shouted at the reader in an assortment of bold and italic type.

  • AuthorBristowe, Thomas.
  • TitleTo the public: Whereas many persons, labouring under the most grievous oppressions … are constrained to … a quiet submission to all the atrocious robberies which are daily committed by the infamous appendages to the law …
  • Publication[Leicestershire, England] : [publisher not identified], [1778]

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File 63 778 B86

Acquired June 2017

The history and antiquities of the city and suburbs of Worcester

Extra-illustrated copy with an added 152 engravings and aquatints (dated from 1746 to the mid-19th century), two manuscript letters from the Duke of Beaufort, a pencil sketch of Edward Somerset, and a watercolor sketch of Worcester.

  • AuthorGreen, Valentine, 1739-1813.
  • TitleThe history and antiquities of the city and suburbs of Worcester … / by Valentine Green.
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for the author by W. Bulmer and Co., and sold by G. Nichol … [and 13 others], 1796.

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Quarto 64 W92 796

Acquired March 2018

“They have destroyed me”

poem on silk

A illustrated broadside printed on silk.
With an image of a woman weeping at a tombstone enscribed with the words “Great Britain’s Queen, the injured Caroline. Around the border, following the title: Minister! go hang thyself in justice to mankind, for if after this, you die by the ordinary course of Nature, all honest men will be disgraced by sharing even a common death with you.

  • Title“They have destroyed me” : a monody on her late Majesty Queen Caroline, who departed this life August 7, 1821, aged fifty-three.
  • Publication[London?] : [publisher not identified], [1821]

Catalog Record

File 53 C292 821b

Acquired May 2018