Duncan MacDonald, of the shire of Caithness Gent

A broadside on Duncan Macdonald, a Scottish acrobat

“A broadside on Duncan Macdonald, a Scottish acrobat; with an etching after a drawing by Louis Philippe Boitard showing Macdonald balancing on a wire, at his feet jack-boots, balancing on his right foot a wheel, a dish, a tray with 15 glasses, and a glass sphere, with his left index finger holding up a chair and a dog, balancing with his nose a sword, a pipe and two eggs, with his right hand playing a French horn and a trumpet, underneath the wire sword blades pointing upwards; with engraved title and inscription, and with letterpress text in two columns, and with a vertical segment of type ornament.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: Duncan MacDonald, of the shire of Caithness Gent. the celebrated Scotish equilibrist [graphic] / engrav’d from the original drawing by P. Boitard, & publish’d according to act of Parliamt. June 1753, by Fenwick Bull, map & printseller at [the] White Horse on Ludgate Hill.
  • Publication: [London] : [Fenwick Bull], [June 1753]

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Acquired September 2018

Articles for a cock match

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An engraved broadside with a vignette of a cock match at the top.

  • Title: Articles for a cock match [graphic].
  • Publication: London : Printed and sold by Reginald Heber, publisher of the List of Horse Races, Henry Bennet Junr. and Harwen Martin, [1750s]

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Acquired September 2018

Britons to arms!

Britons to arms broadside

  • Title: Britons to arms! : among the various threats used by the tyrannical and insidious enemy, who is attempting our destruction and overthrow, the plunder of our country! is held out as the reward to the armies which are to invade us, …. But we dare to conquer!.
  • Publication: London : Printed for J. Hatchard, No. 190, Piccadilly, [1803]
  • Manufacture: [London] : J. Brettell, printer

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Call no.File 63 803 B862+

Acquired May 2018

Monumental inscription on the departed minister!!

Includes hand-colored, etched vignette by George Cruikshank.

  • TitleMonumental inscription on the departed minister!! : within this mausoleum lie entombed the mortal remains of Spencer Perceval …
  • Published[London] : Published by John Fairburn, 2, Broadway, Ludgate-Hill, facing the Old Bailey, [1812]

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Acquired March 2018

Poetical address from the ladies of the the cabinet ministers

A lengthy risqué poem suggestive of the sexual prowess of Bartolomeo Pergami, a close companion of Queen Caroline (1768-1821) who accompanied her during her Mediterranean travels in The Regency period. A woodcut portrait at the top of the sheet displays Pergami’s handsome visage, curly locks and broad shoulders.

  • TitlePoetical address from the ladies of the the cabinet ministers, to Bartolomo Pergami, Knight of the Bath, of Malta, and of Saint Caroline.
  • Publication:[ London] : Published by M. O’Brien, No. 5 Newcastle-Street, Strand …, [ca. 1815]

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File 53 B445 815+

Acquired November 2017

To all to whom these presents shall come….

A certificate recording the appointment 31 May 1781 of “Henry Hastings gentleman to be collector for … the district of Colchester and Maldon … for administering the oaths … taken by paper-makers … for proving that paper brought to be stamped as stock in hand, was really, and bona fide made in Great Britain, before the commencement of … An act for repealing the present duties upon paper, pasteboards, millboards and scaleboards, made in Great Britain, and for granting other duties in lieu thereof … and also the oath taken by such makers of paper, for ascertaining the value of such paper …”. The cost of war with America caused the British government to increase taxes. In 1781 the existing excise duty on paper was abolished and replaced with a more complicated scheme which imposed seventy-eight different rates applied on the various types of paper. Transitional arrangements allowed that paper produced before the new system came into force could be taxed at the old rate, the holder of this certificate being required to take oaths from papermakers concerning such previously-manusfactured paper stock.

  • TitleTo all to whom these presents shall come, greeting. Know ye, that we whose names are hereunto set, and seals affixed, being the major part of the Chief Commissioners and Governors for the management of the receipt of excise, and other duties put under our management and receipt, in pursuance of the powers and authorities to us given, have constitued, deputed and appointed …
  • Publication[London] : [publisher not identified], [1781]

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File 66 780 T627+

Acquired July 2017

A perspective view of Dilston Hall

“View of hall with gardens and river in foreground, crossed by bridge at right with a courting couple; other figures in foreground including fishermen in centre foreground, a woman with child sitting at right and gardeners at left; poem in three columns lamenting the death of the Earl below.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerSpilsbury, Jonathan, approximately 1737-1812, printmaker.
  • TitleA perspective view of Dilston Hall, once the seat of the unfortunate James, Earl of Derwent-water [graphic] / T. Oliver delin. ; Spilsbury sculp., Russel Court, London.
  • Publication[London] : [publisher not identified], … published according to act of Parliament, July 17, 1766.

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Topos N878 no. 2++

Acquired September 2017

To the public: Whereas many persons, labouring….

A broadside printing of an 18th century scam, exploiting the helplessness of English debtors before the law. And especially the perennial animus towards the legal profession–“the chicanery of petty-fogging (would-be) attornies, the shameful plunder and extortion of bailiffs and sheriff-brokers”–these and more epithets shouted at the reader in an assortment of bold and italic type.

  • AuthorBristowe, Thomas.
  • TitleTo the public: Whereas many persons, labouring under the most grievous oppressions … are constrained to … a quiet submission to all the atrocious robberies which are daily committed by the infamous appendages to the law …
  • Publication[Leicestershire, England] : [publisher not identified], [1778]

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File 63 778 B86

Acquired June 2017

“They have destroyed me”

poem on silk

A illustrated broadside printed on silk.
With an image of a woman weeping at a tombstone enscribed with the words “Great Britain’s Queen, the injured Caroline. Around the border, following the title: Minister! go hang thyself in justice to mankind, for if after this, you die by the ordinary course of Nature, all honest men will be disgraced by sharing even a common death with you.

  • Title“They have destroyed me” : a monody on her late Majesty Queen Caroline, who departed this life August 7, 1821, aged fifty-three.
  • Publication[London?] : [publisher not identified], [1821]

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File 53 C292 821b

Acquired May 2018

The case of the Joyners Company…

  • AuthorJoyners Company (London, England)
  • TitleThe case of the Joyners Company against the importation of manufactured cabinet-work from the East-Indies.
  • Published[London] : [publisher not identified], [1710?]

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File 63 710 J89+

Acquired June 2017