The traytors coat of arms


A broadside, anti-Jacobite, anti-Catholic and anti-French. The lilies of the French Royal arms changed to upside down frogs and the legitimacy of the Stewart line questioned by the inclusion of the bed-pan child over the priest’s shoulder.

  • TitleThe traytors coat of arms [graphic].
  • Publication[London?] : [publisher not identified], publish’d September the 16th, 1746, according to act of Parliament.

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Fourth subscription concert, at the Great Room in Prince’s-Street


  • TitleFourth subscription concert, at the Great Room in Prince’s-Street, Tuesday, December 14, 1773 …
  • PublicationBristol [England : Printed by T. Cocking in Small-Street, 1773]

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Life in London, or, The sprees of Tom and Jerry


A broadside with a collection of songs

“Notice. This is to give notice to those persons who are in the constant habit of pirating my copyrights that if they dare to print any part of this sheet, they shall be proceeded against according to the law. James Catnach”

  • TitleLife in London, or, The sprees of Tom and Jerry : attempted in cuts and verse / quod Jas. C-n-h, March 23, 1822.
  • EditionEighth edition.
  • PublicationLondon : Printed and sold by J. Catnach, 2 Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials, [23 March 1822]

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Budget of mirth, a selection of flash songs


A broadside with a collection of songs.

  • TitleBudget of mirth, a selection of flash songs : songs in the death of Tom and Jerry.
  • PublicationLondon : Printed and sold by J. Catnach, 2 Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials, [ca. 1822]

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Civitas Bristol


A decree of the Common Council of Bristol signed: Cann.
The wood-engraved of the Bristol city arms is between “Civitas” and “Bristol.”

  • AuthorBristol (England)
  • TitleCivitas Bristol. Tempore Petri Day, ar’ major, XIVmo die Decembris anno Regni dom’ Georgii decimo tertio, annoq; domini, MDCCXXVI. Whereas there is and hath been, time out of mind, a good, antient, and laudable custom, had and used within the late borough, and now city of Bristol, and the liberties thereof, that no person (not being free of the said late borough, or now city) did or could keep any shop within the late borough, and now city of Bristol, or the liberties thereof …
  • Published[Bristol] : [publisher not identified], [1726]

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Boroughmongers’ attack on the British column


The opponents of parliamentary reform, including Wellington and Peel, attempt to pull down a column topped by Lord John Russell, a portrait of William IV on the plinth. The “Explanation of the engraving”: This spirited sketch was originally designed by George Cruikshank. Esq., of Pentouville, London. The column in the centre is dedicated to the “King and Constitution,” on the base of which is a portrait of his present Majesty, William IV. On the top of the columnn [sic] stands Lord John Russell, holding in his hand the Mirror of Truth. On the left of the pillar the Duke of Wellington, Sir R. Peel, and others are attempting with cords, axes, &c. to overturn the column; while on on [sic] the right, Lord Chancellor Brougham and Earl Grey stand in a calm and dignfied position, smiling at the futile attempts of the Boroughmongers to overturn the People’s Rights. On the same side Lord Althorp is seen bearing a banner, representing the future prosperity of England, and the Attorney General (Sir Thomas Denman) is supporting the Flag of Victory.

  • TitleBoroughmongers’ attack on the British column [graphic].
  • Publication[Birmingham, England : Printed by R. Heppel, 113 Coleshill-Street, Birmingham …, ca. 1830]

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Five hundred pounds reward

lwlpr33543 (709x1024)

  • TitleFive hundred pounds reward.
  • Publication[Stowe Park? : [publisher not identified], 12 November 1795]

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