The hopes of the nation

“A satirical emblematic design; at centre, ‘The Rock of the True Old English Constitution’, on which sits a small figure of John Bull on a chair, holding a tankard and a pipe, saying, ‘Wellhere I am I John Bull – thrown rather in the back ground this is the blessed effect of parties their pockets are full, and mine are empty. – however – Grievings a Folly so let us be be [sic] jolly – My Service to you.’ To left stands a large grinning figure, ‘Opposition Man’, his hands in his pockets, with papers lettered ‘Jobbing’, ‘Corruption’, and with sums of money; at right stands a similar figure, ‘Ministerial Man’, also grinning and with hands in his pockets, one of which is lettered ‘The Cash The Cash’. With feet on the shoulders of the latter and above Bull is a spreadeagled, large grinning figure, saying ‘No Party Man’, whose pocket is inscribed ‘a little more money if you please’; on his head is balanced a cushion-like object lettered ‘Promises’, which supports the banner, ‘Reform’; on top of this is a similing head wearing a ruff, fool’s cap and ass’s ears.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, printmaker.
  • TitleThe hopes of the nation, or, New armorial bearings for John Bull [graphic].
  • Publication[London] : Pubd. May 25th, 1809, by Thos. Tegg, No. 111 Cheapside, [25 May 1809]

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Acquired November 2017

Design for a new coat of arms

“”Caricature of a coat of arms for Queen Caroline and Bergami with the central figure with a satyr’s face, a hat “Caroline Bergami gratia — Half a crown”, and white robes richly decorated with scenes from their life on an escutcheon with Chastity and Innocence as supporters, all surrounded by rich red robes lined with ermine. The scenes include: Adam and Eve, their two heads peeping from a tent, a scene with Bergami kneeling before the Queen leaning in to kiss, a plump Queen jumping up like a jack-in-the box, the two in costume dancing, the Queen riding an ass. Other suggestive decorative details include ostrich plumes, ribbons with medals engraved “Night of the Dunghill” (Bergami) and Knight of the Thistle with a shield “The Times … Lies … Bribery”. At the base, Knight of the Bath with a scene with Bergami reaching towards the Queen in her bath above a medallion “Knight of St. Columbine and Penance” surrounded by a banner “My fancy’s so free, I rove like a bee.”

  • Printmaker: Lane, Theodore, 1800-1828, printmaker.
  • TitleDesign for a new coat of arms [graphic] : dedicated to Mothers Wood, Windsor & Co. & all the fancy queens.
  • Publication[London] : Published by G. Humphrey, 27 St. James’s St., May the 1, 1821.

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Acquired March 2017

Du noble seigneur Robert Walpole, Baron Walpole de Walpole, Clerc du Tresorier…

Sympson, Joseph, d. 1736, printmaker,

Du noble seigneur Robert Walpole, Baron Walpole de Walpole, Clerc du Tresorier, autrement Clerc des Pelles dans l’Éxchequier, et Chevalier du tres honorable Ordre du Bain installe le 17me jour de Iuin MDCCXXV [graphic] / I. Sympson fecit.

Published: [London? : s.n., 1725?]


Du noble seigneur Robert Walpole: 1 print on laid paper : etching & engraving

Du noble seigneur Robert Walpole: 1 print on laid paper : etching & engraving

Subjects (Library of Congress): Walpole, Robert, Earl of Orford, 1676-1745.

Lewis Walpole Library new acquisition: May, 2009