The rat hunt


“The head and shoulders of the dog, who has a handsome collar inscribed ‘John Bull’, project into the design from the right. One paw presses down a rat with the head of Wellington, who looks up in anguish at the dog’s angry jowl. Behind are other frightened rats with human heads: a bloated bishop, Peel, Wetherell, Eldon, Cumberland, and two others. The rats have been robbing the barn of ears of wheat.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerGrant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852, printmaker.
  • TitleThe rat hunt [graphic].
  • Publication[London : W. Chubb, 1832]

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Folio 75 G750 823 no. 7

Acquired November 2016

A street accident


A dustman bends over a large woman who has fallen and lifts her by placing his hands under her arms. She looks up angerly and shakes her fist at the dustman’s young assistant in an apron who looks on (left) with a smile and hand raised. Two dogs jump around the group.

  • CreatorNixon, John, -1818, artist.
  • Title[A street accident] [art original].
  • Production[England], [not before 1804]

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Drawings N736 no. 6

Acquired August 2016

Poor Mr. Bull in a pretty situation

lwlpr34234 (725x1024)

“John Bull, a fat “cit”, is beset by descending water covered with the word ‘Tax’, many times repeated, in which dogs, cats, and pitchforks fall with violence. His eyes and spectacles are transfixed by a pitchfork inscribed ‘Window Tax’; the shaft of another inscribed ‘Malt & Hops Tax’ sticks in his bleeding mouth, dislodging teeth. His paunch is pierced with a third fork; the handle, inscribed ‘Tax …’ [&c. &c], supports an angry cat, spitting ‘Tax …’ Another falling cat knocks off his wig, which emits a cloud of powder inscribed ‘Powder Tax’. His gouty feet, in slashed shoes, are stabbed by three pitchforks: ‘Corn Laws’ [the biggest, cf. British Museum Satires No. 15510]; ‘Leather Tax’; ‘Land Tax’. A ‘Dog Tax’ strikes down J. B.’s dog, its collar inscribed ‘Poor Tray’. Another dog worries a cat (left). J. B. holds up a derelict umbrella, inscribed ‘Trade’, pierced by many prongs and useless.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerHeath, William, 1795-1840, printmaker.
  • TitlePoor Mr. Bull in a pretty situation [graphic] : for the rain it raineth every day / W. Heath.
  • Publication[London : Pub. March 20, 1830, by T. McLean, 26 Haymarket, London, 20 March 1830]

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Acquired May 2016

The last stage of cruelty, or, A mercifull example of Quaerism

lwlpr33649 (724x1024)

“A plainly dressed man with lank hair falling on his shoulders, bends over a dog, placing his left hand on the head of the trustful animal. With a large brush he applies a smoking liquid to its side saying, “Come here poor Dog! Thee shalt not say I called thee names, or beat thee, for that would be cruel!! but I will anoint thee with Oil, and moisten thy sides with my pure Linnement.” The scene is in a yard with a high paling, outside an open door leading to the dispensing-room of the Quaker, evidently an apothecary. Just within the room is a large smoking jar of ‘Oil of Vitriol’; on the door-step is a dish of smoking vitriol. Above are the neatly ranged jars, bottles, and drawers of an apothecary, with a pestle and mortar. A woman in an upper window of an adjacent house looks down into the yard; she shouts: “Ah Obadiah, that decietfull whining Cant, to allure the poor Animal, in order to inflict the most Diabolical unheard of Cruelty on him, shall not go unpunished”.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerWilliams, Charles, active 1797-1830, printmaker.
  • TitleThe last stage of cruelty, or, A mercifull example of Quaerism [sic] at Brighton [graphic] : dedicated to the Society of Quakers.
  • Publication[London : Pubd. Septr. 1806 by S.W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly, September 1806]

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Acquired January 2016

The present state of John Bull

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John Bull stands defiantly in the center of a crowd of angry men — military officers, gentlemen of various ages, tradesmen, and an amputee — most of whom hold out bills ranging between £50 and £5000; the speech bubbles above their heads read: “King’s taxes”; “Police rate”; “Parish rates”; “Excise duties”; “Tithes church rates pew rents & Easter doos [sic]”; “Sundres &c.” John Bull’s response reads, “Damme ye had better devour me., ye voratious crew. Am I never to have my hands out of my pocket again, but ‘t wont last long lads. I shall soon be in the Gazette & then ye lazy drones ye must work hard for you own livings.” The man with a large belly on the lower right carries a little dog under his arm.

  • Creator: Grant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852, artist.
  • Title: The present state of John Bull [drawing].
  • Created: [England, between 1830 and 1852?]

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Drawings G761 no. 7 Box123

Acquired November 2013

Loyal associated and volunteer corps of the City of Westminster ….

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Camp scene with soldiers from the Loyal Associated and Volunteer Corps of the City of Westminster, with an officer escorting the ladies through the camp (right) who honoured them with the presentation of colours; two horses in the center and a dog ready to pounce at an officer’s hat seen in the foreground.

  • Printmaker: Place, M., active 1798-1815, printmaker.
  • Title: This print of the loyal associated and volunteer corps of the City of Westminster is respectfully dedicated to those ladies who honored them with the presentation of colours [graphic] / painted by R.K. Porter ; engraved by M. Place.
  • Published: London : Pub. March 30, 1799 by Messrs. Schiavonetti, No. 12 Michaels Place, Brompton (Plate 1) by their most obedient humble servts. L.I. & N. Schiavonetti, [30 March 1799]

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Drawer Portraits W532 no. 1

Acquired May 2013

William Hogarth

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Self-portrait of William Hogarth in a fur cap, looking right; a bust in an oval canvas resting on volumes of Shakespeare’s works; with his dog Trump on the right. In the lower right, an artist’s palette engraved with the words: “The line of beauty and grace. WH 1745”.

  • Printmaker: Smith, Benjamin, -1833, printmaker.
  • Title: William Hogarth [graphic] : from the original picture in the collection of John & Josiah Boydell / painted by W. Hogarth ; engraved by Benj. Smith.
  • Published: [London] : Published June 4, 1795 by J. & J. Boydell, No. 90, Cheapside, & at the Shakspeare Gallery Pall Mall, [4 June 1795]

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Hogarth 795.06.04.01+ Box 2

Acquired April 2013