Collection eighteenth century trade cards and bills, between 1737 and 1756

Album of 43 trade cards, of various formats, which have been used as receipts or invoices by the traders and have stab holes resulting from the pin they where put on by an accountant or secretary. A few trade cards are repeated, four are typographically printed, and the rest are engraved or etched. All trade cards and bills are addressed to Mrs. Forth and give a good idea of the expenses and needs of a fashionable household in mid 18th-century London.

  • CreatorForth, Mrs.
  • TitleCollection eighteenth century trade cards and bills, between 1737 and 1756.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 230

Acquired March 2017

These are to certifie that the body of [blank]


Records the burial of Jennett Merchant. Dated in manuscript 28 February 1728 and signed off by John Price, mayor of Bristol and initialled by two witnesses

  • Title:These are to certifie that the body of [blank] … [graphic].
  • Published:[Bristol?] : Sold by T.W. in Bristol, [ca. 1728]

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

File 66 728 T413

Acquired January 2014

Bank Eating-House, No. 2, Throgmorton Street


 An engraved trade card advertising “Bank Eating-House” in the City of London

  • PrintmakerEverard, printmaker.
  • TitleBank Eating-House, No. 2, Throgmorton Street [graphic] : Geo[rge] Barlow (waitor & succ[esso]r to the late Mr. Markins) respectfully acquaints his friends & the public in general, that he has taken the above house, and laid in, an assortment of the best wines, genuine-brandy, rum & c. &c. … / Everard sculp. Finsbury Terrace.
  • Published[London : George Barlow?, ca. 1793]

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

File 66 793 Ev93

Acquired July 2013

Plan of a regular coffee plantation


The engravings are believed to have based on drawings by the author J.G. Stedman, two of the early plates acknowledging the attribution. Stedman was a friend of William Blake who may have assisted Stedman, an amateur artist.

  • PrintmakerConder, Thomas, 1746 or 1747-1831, printmaker.
  • TitlePlan of a regular coffee plantation [graphic] / T. Conder sculpsit.
  • PublishedLondon : Published Decr. 1st, 1791 by J. Johnson. St. Paul’s Church Yard, [1 December 1791]

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Acquired April 2014

Riviere Knight pattern drawer


  • PrintmakerWhitchurch, William, printmaker.
  • TitleRiviere Knight pattern drawer, No. 135 Cheapside, London … [graphic] / Whitchurch sculp., Bartholomew Lane.
  • Published[London : R. Knight, circa 179-?]

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

File 66 790 W581

Acquired January 2014

Cribb, glass and picture frame maker


  • AuthorCribb, Robert, -1827.
  • TitleCribb, glass and picture frame maker, carver gilder & printseller [graphic] : no. 288 near Great Turnstile Holborn, old frames new gilt, & glasses new silvered. Pictures cleaned, lined, and repaired / Neele sculpt. 352 Strand.
  • Published: [London : Robert Cribb, not after 1815]

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

File 66 815 C928

Acquired January 2014

Female quadroon slave of Surinam


A young quadroon (person of one quarter black ancestry) shown full-length standing on a shore beside a blooming bush, holding her hat on with her right hand and a handkerchief in her left. Two women are shown in the distance on the left. The one (a slave) holds a large umbrella over her mistress walking ahead of her.

  • PrintmakerPerry, John, active 1791-1812, printmaker.
  • TitleFemale quadroon slave of Surinam [graphic] / Perry sculp.
  • Published[London : J. Johnson, 1 December 1792]

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Acquired April 2014