Dr. Trusler presents his best respects to those Ladies and Gentlemen…

Probably printed to accompany the 2nd edition of Trulser’s Compendium of useful knowledge, containing a concise explanation of every thing a young man ought to know

  • AuthorTrusler, John, 1735-1820.
  • TitleDr. Trusler presents his best respects to those Ladies and Gentlemen who have done him the honour to subscribe to this work, and begs to say he shall think himself particularly obliged, if they will shew it to their acquaintance and speak of it as they find it …
  • Publication[London] : [Trusler], April, 1788.

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House list 1801

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An alphabetic list of the 24 directors of the bank, starting with Thomas Boddington and ending with Samuel Thornton.

Lewis Walpole Library 63 B218 801: With contemporary annotations on both recto and blank verso. The single digits ‘2’, ‘3’ and ‘4’ follow each name, but the significance is unclear. It is possible it signifies the number of years of service.

  • Author: Bank of England.
  • Title: House list 1801.
  • Published: [London] : Printed by John March, Tower Hill, [1801]

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Single sheet publication. Printed in two columns.

No. 7, published in 1760: “Imports from the 30th of December 1759, to the 13th of January 1760.”

  • Title: Hull.
  • Published: [Hull, England? : s.n., 1760]

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Rolling carts and waggons

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Text in three columns below caption title and a large woodcut of one of Sharp’s horse-drawn vehicles.

  • Author:  Sharp, James, of Leadenhall Street.
  • Title: Rolling carts and waggons.
  • Published: [London : s.n., 1773?]

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[Bookplate of] John Andrews’s Circulating Library

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Two classical figures stand on either side of a view of the interior of a library with its shelves filled with books and an arm chair on the right.  Putti are shown in the foreground and in the image in various stages of engagement with books. In the banner above the dome of the alcove in the library reads ‘Utile dulci’.

  • Printmaker: Shepperd, Joseph, d. 1787
  • Title: John Andrews’s Circulating Library / Shepperd fe.
  • Published: Calcutta : [The Library], 1774.

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Fire-patrole …


Text on the verso of the card begins “The hours of attendance are, from …,” which is followed by a listing of the shifts at each of four periods during the year : Candlemas to Lady Day, Lady-Day to Michaelmas, etc. A note at the bottom reads: Every man is to bring his fire-axe and to carry it on his rounds.

  • Title: Fire-patrole : his turns and places of attendance …
  • Published: [London] : Printed by W.P. Norris, No. 15, Broker-Row Moorsfileds, [ca. 1795?].

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Acquired May, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.

Penny-post-office, Westminster


  • Author: England and Wales. Post Office.
  • Title: Penny-post-office, Westminster.
  • Published: [London : s.n., ca. 1790]

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Acquired April 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.

Wynnstay Theatre

Bartolozzi, Francesco, 1727-1815

Wynnstay Theatre / H. Bunbury inv. ; F. Bartolozzi sculp.

Published: [England? : s.n.], 1785.


Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn (1749-1789), politician and patron of the arts, held summer performances at his estate at Wynnstay, in North Wales. Bunbury incorporates into the design of this admission ticket the titles for the 1785 season: The Confederacy, As You Like It, The Agreeable Surprise, Venice Preserved, and Harlequin’s Invasion. The titles are shown on banners held by the figures of Tragedy, Comedy, Pantomime, and Farce or draped over the branches of the tree. Bunbury uses Farce dressed as a harlequin holding a club labelled “invasion” to form a rebus of Garrick’s play. In the background, the four figures are identified on the sails of a windmill. In the banner at the top of the oval is the name of the theatre and the year “1785” ; at the top and bottom of the oval are the masks of comedy and tragedy.

Wynnstay Theatre: 1 print on laid paper : stipple engraving in brown ink

Wynnstay Theatre: 1 print on laid paper : stipple engraving in brown ink

Subjects (Library of Congress): Wynnstay Theatre; Theater–Wales.

Material: Stipple engravings; Rebuses; Ephemera; Admission ticket.

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