Sir Christopher Musgrave receipts for personal goods


A collection of receipts and bills, in a variety of hands and mostly signed by the tradespeople, related to Sir Christopher Musgrave’s expenses during the years 1708-1718, with the bulk of the detailed receipts covering the years 1716-1718.

  • Author: Musgrave, Christopher, Sir, 1688-1736.
  • Title: Sir Christopher Musgrave receipts for personal goods and household expenses, 1708-1718 (bulk 1716-1718).

Catalog Record 

LWL Mss 31

Acquired November 2018

Peter Delmé Esqr. bill from Edward Peirce, December 1764

A handwritten receipt or invoice for thatching work carried out by Edward Peirce on various estates of Peter Delmé at “Whetly”, “Posbroock” [Fossbroke, Wiltshire?], “Swanwick Hill Farm” and “Frogmoar” among others for Peter Delme, Esq. It is dated 15th December 1764. The list of charges include supplies such as spars, ledgers, leggers, and rope as well as labor charges for a five month period, August through December.

  • AuthorPeirce, Edward.
  • TitlePeter Delmé Esqr. bill from Edward Peirce, December 1764 : manuscript.
  • Production[England], 1764 December 15.

Catalog Record 

LWL Mss File 141

Acquired July 2017

Collection eighteenth century trade cards and bills, between 1737 and 1756

Album of 43 trade cards, of various formats, which have been used as receipts or invoices by the traders and have stab holes resulting from the pin they where put on by an accountant or secretary. A few trade cards are repeated, four are typographically printed, and the rest are engraved or etched. All trade cards and bills are addressed to Mrs. Forth and give a good idea of the expenses and needs of a fashionable household in mid 18th-century London.

  • CreatorForth, Mrs.
  • TitleCollection eighteenth century trade cards and bills, between 1737 and 1756.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 230

Acquired March 2017

Invoice : St. Luke, High Bridge, Newcastle, to Charles Wren

lwlpr32047 (1024x690)

On an engraved billhead illustrated with a medallion of St. Luke mixing paint on a palette, Joseph Bell’s itemized invoice to Charles Wren dated 20 July 1782. Motto at the head of the sheet: “Pictures carefully cleaned, lined & repaired, & funeral achievements accurately painted, and picture frames neatly executed in oil, or burnished in gold.”

  • AuthorBell, Joseph, active 1782.
  • TitleInvoice : St. Luke, High Bridge, Newcastle, to Charles Wren, 1782 July 20.

Catalog Record & Digital Image

LWL Mss File 131

Acquired July 2015


Invoices from the Lemon-Tree Tavern and Hotel

LWLACQ000180a (1024x635)LWLACQ000180b (1024x752)

Three printed bills with manuscript completions, issued by the Aberdeen inn, the Lemon Tree and later the Lemon Tree Tavern and Hotel, and dated 1802, 1806, and 1811. The billhead includes a woodcut of a lemon tree and identifies the proprietor as George Ronald. The three bills display typographic differences in the setting of the headings as well as variation in the extensive list of drinks, foodstuffs, and services on offer, and the printer’s devices used to create the columns for prices in pounds, shillings, and pence vary. A note on the 1802 bill records the details of a game of whist including the names of the participants. The 1806 invoice also includes a note about the guests and their travel details.

  • TitleInvoices from the Lemon-Tree Tavern and Hotel : Aberdeen, to various, 1802 June 11, 1806 April 2, and 1811 April 19.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss File 132

Acquired July 2015

Invoice with receipt, from John Greeves

LWLACQ000176a (640x1024)LWLACQ000176b (1024x840)

Manuscript invoice on engraved billhead, recording in considerable detail the fitting out of a town house in Kings Lynn in Norfolk in 1807 by John Greeves for George Edwards Esq. The invoice totals £88 6 s. 1 1/2 d. and includes information about the furniture purchased and details about the curtains, upholstery, and carpeting. Receipt signed and dated 30 April 1807.

  • TitleInvoice with receipt, from John Greeves : Kings Lynn, 1807 April 30-1807 May.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss File 130

Acquired July 2015

Invoice for prints bought from Robert Sayer



A manuscript invoice issued by Robert Sayer, a successful London print, map, and chart publisher, on 15 August 1772. The purchaser is one “Mr. Gordon” of “9 Bury Court, St. Mary Ave”. The list is grouped by type, “10 historical prints”, “72 prints of ladies, eminent men, humourous, etc.”, “8 large landskips”, and “12 views of Havannah”, with details concerning framing, glass, cases, and shipping charges. On the verso, a docket title indicating a discount presumably because of the size of the order.

  • AuthorSayer, Robert, 1725-1794.
  • TitleInvoice for prints bought from Robert Sayer by Mr. Gordon : London, 1772 August 15.

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

LWL Mss File 120+

Acquired January 2014

Blacksmith’s invoice … by Thomas Robinson …

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Invoice presented to Sir Christopher Musgrave by a blacksmith Thomas Robinson for work performed in November on Musgrave’s estate. Work includes shoeing, iron work for wagons, and various repairs. A note at the bottom indicates payment was made 4 January 1726. Total invoice £1.7.8.

  • Title: Blacksmith’s invoice sent to Sir Christopher Musgrave by Thomas Robinson, blacksmith, 1726.

Catalog record

LWL Mss File 97

Acquired July 2012

Invoice for mowers and hay makers …

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Invoice presented to Sir Christopher Musgrave with each laborer named, the number of days worked, and the daily rate of pay. Also invoiced are wages for carting hay. Receipt of payment is noted by Richard Mathew; with docket title. Total invoice £8.10.9.

  • Title: Invoice for mowers and hay makers at Blackhall, 1734 August.

Catalog record

LWL Mss File 96

Acquired July 2012

Financial papers, 1793-1797

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A collection of 140 bills and invoices made out to attorney Charles Wren or his wife Mary, dated 1793-1797, issued primarily by businesses in London and Newcastle; they document the personal and household expenses of a prosperous provincial lawyer and his household.

  • Author: Wren, Charles, 1750-1799.
  • Title: Financial papers, 1793-1797.

Catalog record

LWL Mss 8

Acquired December 2012