The trial at large of Mary Heath on an indictment for perjury

Concerns the perjury trial of Mary Heath, who was employed by Lord Altham, pertaining to whether or not Lady Altham, his wife, bore him a son and test the claim of James Annesley to be the legitimate son of Arthur, Lord Altham.

  • AuthorHeath, Mary, defendant.
  • TitleThe trial at large of Mary Heath on an indictment for perjury at the Court of King’s-Bench in Ireland before the Right Honourable Thomas Marlay, Esq., Lord Chief Justice … on Friday the 8th day of February, in Hillary-Term, 1744 … / by a gentleman of the law.
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for H. Pemberton … and sold by James Roberts …, 1745.

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A full and true account of the surprising trial…

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The woodcut shows a man under the guillotine with the executioner’s hand on the rope ready to release the blade.

  • TitleA full and true account of the surprising trial and condemnation of his most Christian Majesty Louis XVI …
  • PublicationNorwich [England : Printed and sold by S. White, 1793]

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