Mum : a political ballad for the present times

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A satire on Walpole and the Whigs.

  • Author: Leslie, Charles, active 1738-1743.
  • Title: Mum : a political ballad for the present times : with annotations political, critical, and historical.
  • Published: Edinburgh : Printed, and sold by the book-sellers in town, MDCCXL [1740]

Catalog Record 

763 740 L56

Acquired October 2018

George’s coffee house : a satire

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  • Title: George’s coffee house : a satire.
  • Edition: A new edition.
  • Published: London : Re-printed for the author, and sold by C. Moran, under the Great Piazza, Covent-Garden, 1763.

Catalog Record

763 763G

Acquired January 2013