[Studies of heads]

A drawing of six heads mostly in profile, three men, two ladies, and one child, all wearing hats

  • ArtistGillray, James, 1756-1815, artist.
  • Title[Studies of heads] [art original] / Js. Gillray.
  • Production[England], [ca. 1795]

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Drawings G41 no. 7 Box D120

Acquired June 2018

At Exeter Cathedral


A large, masculine-looking woman with spectacles and a hat, stands before stool on which sits an open book of music. She holds in her right hand a baton which rests on the open page.

  • CreatorNixon, John, -1818, artist.
  • TitleAt Exeter Cathedral [art original] / J.N. 1809.
  • Production[England, 1809]

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Drawings N736 no. 5

Acquired August 2016

John Wilkes Esqr

lwlpr32045 (729x1024)

A watercolor after the popular satirical print of the same title by William Hogarth, first published 16 May 1763.

  • TitleJohn Wilkes Esqr [art original].
  • Production[England, ca. 1770?]

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Drawings Un58 no. 86 Box 165

Acquired July 2015

An architectural inspection

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Unsigned drawing of two men, one of whom may be the architect, looking over an active construction site with work men engaged in various activities on the ground and on the scaffolding around a townhouse(?).

  • Creator: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, artist.
  • Title: [An architectural inspection] [drawing].
  • Created: [England,[180-?]

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Drawings R79 no. 12 Box D145

Acquired August 2007

The hungry epicure disappointed

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A man with a queue wig and wearing spectacles (right) sits expectantly at a small round tea table set for two; his hands on the table clutch his knife and fork, his napkin tied around his neck like a bib. He leans forward as he eyes the food approach carried by a woman in a mop cap and wearing spectacles who stands full length (left) holding a long handled frying pan heaped high with dark ashes. He says, “Come, come, Dame isn’t my eggs and bacon done yet. I’m literally famish’d in waiting.” She replies, “I am very sorry to inform your worship that just as I had done ’em so nice all this here soot fell into the pan.”

  • Creator: Grant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852, artist.
  • Title: The hungry epicure disappointed [drawing].
  • Created: [England, between 1830 and 1852?]

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Drawings G761 no. 8 Box120

Acquired November 2013

About your business

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Date of creation based on publication date of print. Published by S.W. Fores in November 1795 as “Deputy Pendulum’s motion for an address”; engraved by Isaac Cruikshank with Woodward’s name removed form lower left corner.

An ugly man in old-fashioned dress stands full-face, toes turned in, squinting, and looking downwards. An ‘Address’ is in his right hand, his left hand is in his breeches pocket; a document inscribed ‘Observations’ protrudes from his coat-pocket. His scanty audience of seven men, most of them sleeping, is behind him, on either side of a fireplace. A broken candle on the mantel drips wax into the mouth of one of the sleeping men (right), much to the amusement of his neighbour on his right. In the doorway on the far-left, one of the men uses a ear-trumpet; one holds a tea cup in his hand, and a third yawns. Over the chimney-piece is a large clock-face, the hands indicating 10:56; above it is a carved owl and the words ‘About your business’.

  • Artist: Woodward, G. M. (George Moutard), approximately 1760-1809, artist.
  • Title: About your business [drawing] / GM Woodward delin.
  • Published: [England], [1795]

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Drawings W87 no. 56 Box D116

Acquired May 2013

[A barber’s shop]

[A barber's shop]

A scene in a barber’s shop in which the center figure is a man seated, full-face, swathed in a sheet, while a boy (left) applies tongs to his hair, which a man (right) is combing. In the foreground (left) a customer is seated, clasping his bald head with a concerned expression as he reads a newspaper “Morning post” dated Nov. 3, 1807.

    • Artist: Bunbury, Henry William, 1750-1811.
    • Title: [A barber’s shop]
    • Created: [London, 1807]

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Drawer Drawings B87 no. 29

Acquired October 2012

Scene from the Merry wives of Windsor

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Inscribed by artist on verso: Merry Wives of Windsor / Act 4- Scene 2nd / Fal[staff. No, I’ll come no more i’th basket / may I not go out to[o] soon / Mrs. Page. Alas, three of another Fr[ien]ds brother.”

  • Artist: Bunbury, Henry William, 1750-1811.
  • Title: Scene from the Merry wives of Windsor, act. 4, scene 2.
  • Created: [England], [ca. 1792?]

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Acquired November 2011

A French barracks

Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, artist

[A French barracks]  / T. Rowlandson 1786

Published: [London?, 1786]


A view of the interior of busy French barracks shows a more domestic atmosphere than military although weapons and other military gear are scattered around the floor. The scene includes a woman nursing a baby, children playing, woman doing washing.

1 drawing on wove paper : pen, ink and watercolor ; image 24.4 x 36.2 cm.

French barracks [1 drawing on wove paper : pen, ink and watercolor ]Subjects (Library of Congress): Barracks–French; Families.

Lewis Walpole Library new acquisition: June, 2009